March Madness Final Four Upcoming Venues

March Madness Final Four Upcoming Venues
Take a look at the venues playing host to the NCAA Tournament’s final weekend through the 2015-16 season. The 2016 NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament will involve 65 schools playing in a single-elimination tournament to determine the national champion of men’s NCAA Division I college basketball. This falls into the classifacation of the NCAA hosting the event every five years, as Indiana’s state capital serves as the home of the NCAA’s executive offices.

2016 – Louisiana Superdome, New Orleans

The Louisiana Superdome ( Home of the New Orleans Saints) plays host in 2016, in the Final Four’s return to New Orleans. one of the NFLs biggest stadiums. In the mid 1960s New Orleans businessman Dave Dixon envisioned a dome stadium that could bring a football team to the area. In 1966, his vision became a reality after much discussion and planning, the Louisiana Legislature passed a bill that allowed the stadium to be built. After reaching an agreement to build a stadium, the NFL awarded the area a team, the New Orleans Saints. Construction began in August of 1971, and was completed by August 1975. The dome stadium was named the Louisiana Superdome, because of its massive size. The Superdome covers 13 acres and is 27 stories tall. From the outside it looks like a massive spaceship.

2013 – Georgia Dome

Location: Georgia Dome Drive Northwes

Opened: September 6, 1992

Owner: State of Georgia

Football – 71,228
Basketball – 26,000

The Georgia Dome hosted the NCAA Final Four Men’s Basketball National Championship in 2002 and 2007 along with regional semifinals and finals in 2001, 2004, and 2006 and NCAA Women’s Final Four in 2003. The stadium will also host the 2013 NCAA Final Four Men’s Basketball National Championship as well as the NCAA South Regional Semifinals and Final in 2016.

2014 – Dallas Cowboys Stadium

Location: Arlington, Texas

Opened: May 27, 2009

Owner: City of Arlington

Football – 105,121
Basketball – 108,713

December 19, 2009: In the first college basketball game at the stadium, before a crowd of 38,052, the Texas Longhorns defeated the defending national champion North Carolina Tar Heels, 103–90.

2015: Lucas Oil Stadium

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

Opened: August 16, 2008

Owner: State of Indiana

Football – 700,000
Basketball – 700,000

The stadium hosted the semifinal and final rounds of the Men’s Final Four in 2010, with the Women’s Final Four scheduled to be hosted there in 2016. Historically, Indianapolis has been a popular choice for the Final Four. The NCAA has its headquarters there, and the event comes on a five-year rotation.

2016: Reliant Stadium

Location: Houston, Texas

Opened: August 24, 2002

Owner: Harris County, Texas

Capacity: 71,054

The stadium has hosted the NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament several times, including the South Regional Finals, the 2010 South Regional Finals, and the 2011 Final Four. The stadium is also scheduled to host the 2016 Final Four.